Amar P asked this 1 year ago

PuTTY Fatal Error: expected key exchange group packet from server

Hi I am using Putty to ssh to a Centos virtual machine running on virtual box. It was working without any problemn until now when it start throwing the error

PuTTY Fatal Error: expected key exchange group packet from server

I havent done any change to my VM or on my host recently and I can ping the VM.

Any suggestions?

Laura 9 months ago

You can enable logging of sshd which can give you more details about the error.

To enable logging:

Edit etc/ssh/sshd_config file and add the following line

LogLevel DEBUG2

Reload sshd config:

systemctl reload sshd

Debug message will be logged to the file /var/log/secure

tail -f /var/log/secure



Best Answer by Katy

I had this same issue and to fix it i change the key exchange algorithm.

In putty settings under connection->ssh->kex I moved Diffie-Hellman group 14 to the top of the list and Diffie-Helman group exchange to the bottom. this solved the issue.

Yad 7 months ago

Its fixed for me as well Thanks

mohlal 6 months ago

Thanks to guest737.

I don't know what it means, but it worked ;-)

rijo 5 months ago

I also did the same configuration mention above and i am able to connect to my cloud VM.

Guest 3 months ago

awesome , thank you

Guest 1 month ago

Above solution worked for me too. Thanks!!!

Guest 1 month ago

thanks a lot solution worked for me

Guest 1 week ago

thx worked