Brocade Fabric OS 8.x cheatsheet | Date Published: 2020-04-03 09:59:18
Basic Administration
fabricshowDisplay information about switches in the fabric.
switchshowDisplay switch and port information.
switchname [name]Display or set a switch name.
uptimeDisplay how long the switch is running, number of connected users and the system load for the past 1, 5 and 15 minutes.
date ["new_date_time"]Display or set date and time (This is Readonly if NTP is enabled).
tsclockserver NTP_Server_IP_Addr1, [NTP_Server_IP_Addr2..]]Display or set NTP server addresses.
sfpshow [[slot/]port] Display information about the SFP on the specified port or a summary of all SFPs if port is omitted.
rebootCold reboot switch.
portshow [slot/][port_number]Display general port status and configuration.
portenable [slot/] port1[-port2]Enable a port or a range of ports.
portdisable [slot/] port1[-port2]Disable a port or a range of ports.
portcfgshow [slot/]portDisplay current configuration of a port.
portcfgspeed [slot/]port speedSet the speed on the specified port.
Zone Alias
alicreate "alias_name", "member1 [; member2 ...]"Create a new zone alias with one or more members. Members can be WWN or Domain and port index pair.
aliAdd "alias_name", "member1 [; member2 ...]"Add one or members to an existing zone alias.
aliremove "alias_name", "member1 [; member2 ...]"Remove one or members from an existing zone alias.
alidelete "alias_name"Delete a zone alias.
alishow [pattern]Display all zone aliases that match the specified pattern. You can use * to match any string and ? to match a single character.
zoneshow [pattern]Display zone information.
zonecreate "zone_name", "member1 [; member2 ...]" Create a new zone with one or more members. Members can be specified as WWN, Zone alias name, zone alias pattern or domain and port index pair.
zoneadd "zone_name", "member1 [; member2 ...]"Add one or more members to an existing zone.
zonedelete "zone_name"Delete the specified zone.
Zone Config
cfgshowDisplay zone configuration.
cfgcreate "config_name", "zone1[; zone2...]"Create a new zone configuration.
cfgadd "config_name", "zone1[; zone2...]"Add one or more zones to an existing config.
cfgremove "config_name","zone1[; zone2...]Remove one or more zones from a config.
cfgsaveSave the current zone configuration.
cfgenable "config_name"Enable a zone configuration.
cfgdisableDisable the current zone configuration.
Error Logging
errdumpDisplay error logs. Use the errshow command to display error logs one page at a time.
portlogshowDisplay port log.
syslogadmin --set -ip ip_address [-secure [-port port_num]]Forward all error log entries to a remote syslog server.
syslogadmin --show -ipShow configured syslog server.
syslogadmin --remove -ip ip_addressRemove a syslog server.
licenseshowDisplay license keys and associated products.
licenseadd license_keyAdd a license key to the switch.

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